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Alamo Rome Fiumicino Airport

First of all, at the very start when talking about the car hire or car rental companies, we may come along the fact that Alamo is the company which undergoes the hood of providing its best at the airports. Among the world’s largest car rental companies airport, Alamo also do exist there proving its fame. With the all focus on its aim and mission that promotes the rank of this popular company among its other competitors is to accommodate several sorts of programs and to encourage travel of leisure. Alamo car hire at the airport provides one with an option to choose the car in accordance to his/her choice and requirement.

Every organization runs its business by planning many rules and regulations. The Alamo car hire company also has passed some laws that the customer has to abide by. Those laws may include the very basic necessity i.e. to have a permit to driving, driving license. Plus the license may be invalid according to International driving Permit. The renter must be of minimum 21 years age. Surcharge of time span of 10 days is made for younger drivers and their criteria for classifying one as a young is the age of 25. Such underage drivers even if they want are not facilitated with the larger, special type of cars. The way in which the Alamo car hire at the airport accepts the money, that is done by the customers in the form of cards. So the payment made by particular customer is by credit cards including, American express, Diners Club, Euro card, MasterCard and Visa. The thing to note here is that they don’t accept the debit cards or the pre-paid cards as in the form of payment being made. So this is all about in brief to the question that what the Alamo car Rental Company at Rome Fiumicino airport is.